by Forward Shapes

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This is our only album. It took five years to create and the musicians have never all met in person. Co-written by two college friends, it was recorded and put together over the web. The music is a fusion of Journey, Evanescence, and a bit of Pink Floyd.

Learn more about the band at: www.forwardshapes.com


released March 17, 2012

Keyboards: Brian Andrews
Guitars: Andrei Kryssov

With very special guests:
Bass: Mark Buchner
Bass, Backing Vocals, Irish Whistle: Ryan Hunter
Drums: Marco Minnemann
Vocals: Alison Vance

Produced by: Andrei Kryssov
Co-Produced by: Ryan Hunter
Mixed by: Ryan Hunter
Mastered by: Eroc at EMR (www.eroc.de)



all rights reserved


Forward Shapes Los Angeles, California

Progressive Rock group fusing Journey inspired melodies, Evanescence and Nightwish female vocals, and atmospheric Pink Floyd instrumental passages. Keyboardist Brian Andrews and guitarist Andrei Kryssov started the band in 2005 during their 1st year in college. The collaboration resulted in “Legacy”, an atmospheric Prog Rock album that will take you on a melodic journey of epic proportion. ... more

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Track Name: I Live On
One day I wake up
And ten years have passed
Whatever happened
To days I thought would last

Time never seems
To flow endlessly
Disappearing and
Suppressing me

Ten years I've given to
Living in an altered state
My future uncertain
This risk is my escape

Tired of fighting and
Tired of loosing
What will it take to
Live carefree

Time fading

I will
Let go
I live on

The next ten years
I will hold in my heart
Time will dissipate
But I live on
Track Name: Never Forget
I sometimes break
My wall of defense
Vulnerable and frail
I fall

Doubt starts to flood
My thoughts and actions
Confidence is lost
I'm frantic

I struggle to make sense
Why its happened again
What must I change
To persevere

Fly high
I'll defy
All threats
My surreal high

Fly high
I control
This climb
My surreal high

Emotions I learn to control
To channel this strength

Nerves are gone
Breathing is calm
My mind is set
On the task ahead

This state you
Can't take from me
No more will I
Defeat myself

Emotions I learn to control

I look back and reflect
On those days I could direct
A state I've not felt
I can never forget

Emotions I learn to control
To channel this strength
This time I won't forget
Track Name: Mirrors Of You
He waits
For that day
To look
Like the ads portray
How far will he go
To change

We see
Those who we want
To be
How far we will go
To change

She lives
In a plastic world
That she'd make heads turn
How far will she go
To change

One world
One life
Don't feel right

One world
One life
How long
Until we realize

We hide
In our mind
From the shadows
Of our life

We're lost
In seclusion
With illusions
Trapped inside

Living in mirrors
Living in mirrors

Why must we look
Through the eyes of the world
Why don't we listen
To the voice inside

Take yourself
As you are
Take all that regret and
Throw it all away

They change
Blending away
To societies game
Was it worth to forgo
To shine

They are the mirror
Through which we see
The way we wish
To look and be
Track Name: Degrees Of Freedom
Sometimes I want more
From my simple life
What would it take
To break out of this state
Walk out and run
Blind to who I'll become

Tell me I can choose
With nothing to lose
Break out of this degree

Tell me I can dream
To become fulfilled
Free from this degree

Years I have spent
Struggling inside the machine
I was a sheep
But the wolf has come out of me
I won't regress this is my chance
To be something more

Tell me I can choose
With nothing to lose
Break out of this degree

Tell me I can dream
To become fulfilled
Free from this degree

One day I will choose
With nothing to lose
Break out of this degree

One day this dream
Will become fulfilled
I'm free from this degree
Track Name: Holding On
Dilutes my mind
A memory held dear
Afraid it may disappear

Just for a second
Eye to eye
I see you smile
I feel alive
Why can't I let go

Holding On
To just one feeling

Holding On
Words I never said

Holding On
A frame of a moment

All I wished
Was to see you again
To test if what I felt
Could be felt by you as well

Holding On

One look
Stopped time
In the moment
I reside

Holding On

One look
Stopped time
In the moment
I reside
Track Name: Proclivity
I awake in a place I don't know
Drained and alone
It's time for me to go

For years I've unraveled
For months I have traveled
These cities are empty
But I carry on

Somewhere beyond
I sense my counterpart looks on
I hope one day our paths will intersect

Our hearts will lead us
Our senses deceive us
A will to discover
Our unity

Near, near and far
I'm one step closer
To where you are

This, this journey
Is my proclivity

I'll walk till I'm old
I'll turn every stone
Living my life
Searching for you

Roads misleading
I keep dreaming
Days are fading
You keep waiting

Spirit hopeful
Heart is open
Will I see your
Signs for me

Male Choir
I am near
And far
One step closer
To where you are
Oh this journey
I am searching
My proclivity

Female Choir
I am near
And far
One more step
To where you are

Oh this journey
Searching for you
It is my proclivity
Track Name: Legacy
As I look to the night sky above I feel hope
I have stood many times doubting why I try
And yet it all comes back to that first day
A vow
A dream
Is what I have to
Carry me through this
I think of what is ahead
And all that I'll give
The work begins

It starts with a note
A word or just a feeling
Evolves into something

The days
All blend away
Weeks months years gone
Good times or bad
I endure

I've wanted at times
To give up
Let go
Yet something inside
Brought me back inspired
And I will see
This all the way through

As I walk
Why I give so much
To one chance
To this dream

I walk
We walk
To the center of desire

One step
To the core

And you'll ask
What if
No one
Cares about what I've done
Are five years just wasted

I hope
To inspire just one
My dream
Passing on a legacy